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Easily assemble, send and track assessments via git repos. Get better hiring signal and save time with Hatchways.

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"Hatchways stood out to us as one of the few interviewing platforms that provided customizable interviews for each company based on factors that studies have shown provides the most equitable and inclusive interviewing experience possible."

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Melanie C.
Engineering, Plaid
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Configure Assessments with Templates

Use a template, upload your own, or request a bespoke assessment. Learn best practices on signal and candidate experience from our data and industry experts. Code bases can be offered in any language and you can choose tasks such as bug fixes, features, code reviews and written or video responses.

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Config Assessments with Templates
Create a human experience

Create a Human Experience

Build a highly relevant interview experience to your product and role. Personalize your assessment pages and make it easy for candidates to get started. Capture hard and soft skills by asking questions or collaborating on submissions in a live interview step.

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Send, Receive and Track Assessment Progress

Hatchways auto-generates private repos and invites applicants to complete the assessment so you don’t have to. As applicants go through the assessment, follow along in a Kanban board. Automate reminders and rejections.

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Optimize your grading process

Optimize your grading process

Efficiently mark submissions using Hatchways' powerful toolset or leverage our human-assisted automation system so you can spend less time reviewing, and more time closing the right candidates!

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Integrate with your ATS

Integrated with Lever and Greenhouse so your recruiters and hiring managers get automated updates and never need to leave their ATS.

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"Hatchways is a great way to vet technical candidates - we switched from HackerRank and noticed a huge improvement in candidate experience, plus a strong correlation between assessment performance and onsite interview success. Highly recommended!"

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Asaf Inger
VP Engineering, AcuityMD
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A guide on how to create a take-home assessment that’s less vulnerable to ChatGPT

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Shums Kassam
CTO, Hatchways
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"Make sure the take-home reflects a day in the life of the role, not a Leetcode style question."

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Cliff Jadoo
Technical Recruiter, Webflow
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"Early-career programs can have the biggest impact on your organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives."

Read more about early career hiring
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Emily Sampson
UR & Early Career Program Lead, Amplitude
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