Meet Springboard

Springboard is an online learning platform specializing in career-ready education, including curricula that cover data science, coding, UI / UX design, and more. Its unique approach combines self-paced learning, hands-on projects, mentorship from industry professionals, and career coaching to prepare students for a successful career transition in today's competitive tech job market.

Hatchways x Springboard: Personalized Code Reviews For Students 

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Hatchways and Springboard. Both Hatchways and Springboard share a vision of empowering individuals through tailored learning experiences, and this partnership will help to further that vision in innovative and scalable ways.

While Hatchways has traditionally collaborated with employers evaluating technical talent, this partnership represents a unique and exciting application of our platform. Hatchways has always firmly believed that practical and personalized feedback is one of the best mechanisms for effective teaching. Applying our knowledge in crafting real-world interview projects and our human-assisted AI software used by employers, we're set to scale personalized learning at Springboard, enhancing the effectiveness of student education.

Students enrolled in Springboard's Software Engineering Career Track bootcamps now have the opportunity to significantly enhance their learning experience with the integration of the Hatchways platform. This collaboration not only offers personalized code reviews and guidance, but it also enables students to immerse themselves in real-world workflows, such as utilizing GitHub and managing pull requests. At the heart of Hatchways' approach lies the well-balanced blend of automation and human expertise. The automation component ensures consistent and standardized code reviews, while human involvement ensures that the feedback remains fair and accurate. This hybrid approach fosters speedier and more scalable feedback mechanisms while maintaining the human touch crucial for impactful education.

During the pilot phase of this partnership, the positive feedback we received from students and mentors was exciting. It was gratifying to see our shared values reflected in the student experience, as learners harnessed the tools we've developed to help them self-learn more effectively and help them move through the course material more efficiently. Mentors, too, found the new approach useful, providing an enhanced platform to guide students in their learning journey.

This partnership provides an exciting opportunity for students, further boosting their work readiness. By combining the Hatchways platform with Springboard's industry-driven, hands-on curriculum and one-on-one mentor support, we will deliver an enriched, immersive, and personalized learning experience. This collaboration signifies an exciting step forward in the evolution of technical education, and we can't wait to see the powerful outcomes it will deliver for students!

The Future is Bright For the Education Industry

The future of education is incredibly exciting. The advancements in AI have opened up opportunities for a highly personalized and interactive learning experience that adapts to each student's unique needs and pace of learning. This level of personalization was once a luxury reserved for a privileged few, but AI is now poised to democratize access to such education. By identifying and addressing gaps in learning, providing real-time feedback, and personalizing content to match students' learning styles and aptitudes, AI-enhanced education has the potential to increase learning outcomes significantly. As we continue to leverage these capabilities, we move closer to a world where a top-tier, customized education is not a privilege, but a standard accessible to all. Hatchways and Springboard are excited to explore this frontier together!

For Students:

If you're interested in advancing your skills and broadening your career opportunities with human-guided learning, visit Springboard to find the right program for you. 

For Educators:

If you're part of an educational institution and the idea of personalized, scalable learning resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch with Hatchways! We're passionate about applying our technology to enhance educational experiences and would love to chat about potential collaborations.