If you were asked to name a city with one of the fastest growing tech markets in the world, would you say ‘Toronto’?

You would be right if you did.

Reports place Toronto’s tech-talent market as the fourth highest in North America (globe and mail). Tech jobs are accounting for over a third of all office space in downtown Toronto, with more and more tech jobs being made every day (Bloomberg). In 2017 alone, Toronto added 28.9K tech jobs—far more than Seattle’s 8.2K and the 1.1K from San Francisco Bay Area (workopolis). Toronto is not only putting itself on the map in the tech world, but is quickly making itself one of the star attractions.

But how did this happen?

A large part of the tech boom comes down to Torontonians themselves. The city boasts a highly skilled and educated workforce. According to one study, the quality of our labour far surpasses better paid talent elsewhere (workopolis). With great Universities, Education and cutting-edge Research Centres, Toronto supports and nurtures skills in tech, new startups and tech companies are springing up all the time with no sign of stopping.

Tech is something Toronto knows how to do.

Another point in our favour?

A largely diverse workforce. As more and more countries tighten their borders, our diversity continues to be a strength and something to be celebrated. Diversity leads to greater innovation, and Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. This gives us an advantage, something tech companies are recognizing, looking to invest in. It makes Toronto a very attractive city to locate in.

Toronto is an international hub of diversity and innovation and will continue to grow in importance and influence in the tech market in the years to come. No more do you have to travel to the states to compete in the hottest tech-jobs—it’s happening all right here in Canada.

Toronto is the place to be if you’re looking to start a career in tech—and if you aren’t, you just might want to reconsider.