In my last year of university, I took an entrepreneurship course where, for the whole semester, we worked in teams to develop a tech-related business idea. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. The investors thought our idea had the potential to scale into something transformational. Unfortunately, we were all business students so no one knew how to program. At this point, I became very inspired. I took it upon myself to learn to code.

I began by looking at MIT’s computer science curriculum. I bought a book called Introduction to Algorithms and did some MIT courses. Afterwards, I moved on to another book, Introduction to the Theory of Computation. The deeper I dove, the more I realized the wonders of technology.

Upon graduation, I knew my interests would be in tech. I wanted to join a team and push the limits of modern technology. I wanted to be part of a future where the cutting edge comes together with business to create solutions that transform societies. I wanted to push myself to become someone I never thought possible.

This is when I found Hatchways. All throughout, Hatchways challenged me to improve, and it is through these challenges that I was able to grow. Hatchways helped me develop as a person and steer me towards my dreams. By the end, I saw business and technology in a new light. Hatchways connected me to some great companies and as a result I landed a software development position at a fast paced AI startup.

Looking back, it’s clear how much value Hatchways was able to create. It was through our conversations that I found the motivation to change. For me, Hatchways is not just a platform; it’s a place where one can truly discover the world of technology.