The Rise of Perpetua in the AdTech Space

Perpetua, a powerhouse in the AdTech ecosystem, is at the forefront of delivering innovative advertising solutions for leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart. Their dynamic range of tools and platforms has been the cornerstone for several businesses, from established brands to emerging entrepreneurs, helping them grow and analyze their eCommerce performance.

Part of Perpetua's early growth trajectory was their ability to hire and attract top engineering talent. As the market got more competitive, and they needed to scale beyond their internal capabilities, they started to iterate their hiring process to meet their hiring targets.

The Karat Chapter: An Expensive Affair

In order to scale their hiring process, Perpetua partnered with Karat, a well-established player in the tech recruitment space. Karat offers outsourced live technical interviews as a service, which allowed Perpetua to maintain a similar structure for their interviewing process but with greater bandwidth since they could rely on Karat interviewers.

While Karat is helpful for general full-stack senior roles, Perpetua soon realized that for junior, mid-level, and more niche positions, they could craft a more practical interview experience that led to better results and candidate experience without incurring the additional expenses of the platform.

Hatchways: Mid-level and Intern Hiring Reimagined

Upon adopting Hatchways, Perpetua was poised for change. Not only did they leverage the platform for mid-level engineering recruitments, but they also extended its capabilities to intern hiring. This seamless integration resulted in a reduction in interviewing costs by more than 70%.

Hatchways has been an amazing team to partner with - the team is super responsive and focused on building something that works for our tech stack but also our interview process. Not only is the candidate experience smooth but the integration with Lever and quality of results has been incredibly accurate.

-Emma Surich, Director of Talent Acquisition

One significant shift was the transition from live interviewing to asynchronous interviewing. With Hatchways, Perpetua reimagined the interview process, offering candidates an environment that was not only less stressful but also mimicked real job scenarios. This alignment ensures candidates were evaluated not based on theoretical parameters but on practical tasks resembling their day-to-day roles.

A Tailored Approach to Niche Roles with Hatchways

With great success in mid-level and intern software developer roles, Perpetua and Hatchways are expanding the partnership with more specialized roles. Technical roles like Software Developer in Test are roles that are often tricky to assess using standard white-boarding or live coding methods. With an emphasis on role-specific evaluations and highly customizable grading rubrics, Hatchways is able to sidestep the pitfalls of generic coding exercises, which often lead to false negatives or mis-hires.

The Future Outlook: Quality Over Quantity

As businesses grapple with budgetary constraints in today's market, there's a growing focus on hiring candidates with specialized skillsets suited for distinct roles. This evolution requires evaluations that reflect the real-world tasks associated with each position and seniority level.

The partnership between Perpetua and Hatchways represents a positive shift in the tech recruitment industry. Their collaboration emphasizes precision, candidate experience, and quality in hiring, catering to the specific needs of each role. This has not only reduced recruitment costs but also offers a practical evaluation of a candidate's aptitude, prioritizing capability over sheer numbers, a direction increasingly embraced in the industry.