I have always wanted to build things. As a child it was Lego, and as I grew older, machines and systems. My desire to put things together led me to study engineering – but that being said – my journey towards a career in software development has been unconventional and nothing short of an adventure.

As a mechanical engineering student (you read that right!) I began to realize the importance of software towards the end of my degree. Having worked largely in analytics in my final internship, I fell in love with the enablement that came with the skill of writing software. The ability for anyone with the right tools (a computer and internet access) to create meaning and change for those around them was and is incredibly fulfilling!

So, with a taste of that feeling in mind, I entered the tech industry as a consultant upon graduation. My years as a consultant were really what sealed the deal for me as an individual seeking a career as a developer. Working closely in both waterfall and agile projects provided me those interactions with developers that helped me understand and formulate my own growth towards being that builder my younger self envisioned.

I started to work on small development projects outside of business hours until I made the fateful decision to leave my job and join a coding bootcamp, and ultimately, Hatchway’s Project Course. Having recently started my first role as a software developer, I can say that Hatchways has been a critical component of this quest for career fulfillment. With appreciation, I reflect on the structure, industry expertise, coaching, and strategic instruction provided by the Hatchways team that have allowed me to hone and demonstrate my capabilities.

Thus far, it has been a journey of personal growth - socially, technically and emotionally! And in truth, this journey has just begun. I am grateful for those that have supported me on it and continue to do so.

To anyone out there reading this and looking to forge a career in software development, believe in yourself, your passion, and seek those who will foster those values in you. You can do it!