Meet Ashby

Ashby is a recruiting platform for high-growth companies that combines ATS, CRM, scheduling, and analytics functionality into a single scalable solution. Companies like Deel, Ramp and Ironclad choose Ashby as their all-in-one recruiting platform. Ashby went through Y Combinator a batch prior to Hatchways!

Hatchways x Ashby: Supercharge Your Technical Interviewing

As a platform that helps companies build and facilitate real-world interviewing, Hatchways is always looking for ways to help our customers save time while hiring the best talent. As the premier ATS platform for start-ups, Ashby is used by many Hatchways customers. Partnering allows these users to save time and simplify their workflow. Combining Ashby's abilities in streamlining tracking, scheduling, and sourcing with Hatchways' focus on gathering quality interview signals and ensuring a positive candidate experience, your recruitment and engineering teams will be well-equipped to run world-class recruiting.

Hatchways Integration: Evaluate the Right Skills Without Leaving Your ATS

Integrating Hatchways with Ashby allows you to automatically deliver assessments to candidates as they progress to certain stages in the job pipeline. Hiring managers love how Hatchways offers plenty of ready-to-use read code and write code assessments that work through GitHub, something engineers are familiar and used to. Recruiters love that they can jump into using Hatchways easily, with its user-friendly filtering and setup features, without needing to bug their engineering team! The Hatchways catalogue allows you to offer an evaluation for any level, role or tech stack.
Alternatively for the most customized experience, you can easily use your own GitHub take-home project, create a unique assessment from scratch, or even request Hatchways to craft a custom assessment that aligns seamlessly with your product and role.

Once you’ve selected the right assessment, it can be connected to a specific interview step in Ashby. Updates on candidate progress and results are conveniently documented as notes on the candidate's feed in Ashby. This means you (and your team) can manage the entire assessment process without having to leave Ashby.

The Hatchways x Ashby Integration: How it Works

When a candidate is moved to the stage connected with Hatchways, they are automatically emailed an assessment invitation:

Updates and results are automatically sent to Ashby as the candidate works through the assessment:

Results can be seen on the provided link:

The Hatchways x Ashby Integration: How to Get Started

To get started, navigate to the Integrations Marketplace in Ashby and select the Hatchways tile.

This tile will allow you to create an API key for Hatchways to use to provide updates and results for candidates who have been sent a Hatchways assessment.

You will also need to create a webhook in Ashby as well as set up an assessment on Hatchways to be used with your integration. See the Hatchways documentation for full details on setting up an Ashby integration.

What Are You Waiting For?

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