Your Journey to Coding Excellence Starts Here

Hatchways uses practical coding assessments to evaluate candidates, enabling companies to hire better with less time. We are excited to announce that we are now releasing a tool for candidates to use similar practical coding projects to assess and improve their skills.

When learning to code, it can be difficult to evaluate the the quality of your own work and thus know where to focus your attention for improvement. While there are many tools focused on interview prep and improving LeetCode style programming, few resources exist to give personalized feedback on realistic, practical coding projects that reflect what may be done on the job.

With Hatchways Code Review for Developers, anyone can sign up to complete a practice programming project similar to what companies use to assess candidates on the Hatchways platform. Automated tests run on project submissions to evaluate the completeness and correctness of your solution, and projects can be re-submitted with improvements as needed to pass all of the automated tests. This is a completely free tool that will allow you to practice coding and see how you fare on coding assessments that are similar to take-homes that companies use in their hiring process.

Additionally, for further qualitative feedback, you can opt to purchase for a small fee a personalized code review on your completed project, which will be completed by an experienced engineer on the Hatchways team. You will receive a code review on the project GitHub repository, similar to the process of receiving feedback on the job at many companies. This code review will allow personalized feedback on more nuanced aspects of code quality such as organization, maintainability, and best practices.

Our first Hatchways Code Review for Developers project features a front-end assessment that is similar to what a company may use to evaluate an intern or junior level applicant. It is designed to take an hour or two to complete (though there is no time restriction) and can be completed using either React or Vue. You can learn more and get started here.

If you are a developer looking to improve your skills, what is the biggest challenge you face in doing so? What kind of projects would you like to see featured in Hatchways Code Review for Developers? We’d love to hear your feedback, and encourage you to email us at