I studied Telecom Engineering. Many engineering tasks are becoming automated, so in anticipation of this new approach to engineering I wanted to develop my skills better in programming to pursue automation/ programming.

After, I moved to Canada. I was looking for programming jobs, so I searched for opportunities to develop my coding skills to better fit the market and be better prepared. One best way is to work on hands-on projects using the most recent frameworks, and to build up a portfolio.

Luckily, that’s when I found Hatchways. With Hatchways I worked on different projects using most widely implemented frameworks. They also helped me to prepare for behavioural interview skills and coding challenges. I believe this is the most important thing as I still refer to the skills I acquired there to be better prepared for interviews. I worked on different projects with different teams and this helped me to build a great social circle of developers to discuss the current tech and share updates.

Through Hatchways I was able to land at Synervoz. I was very interested in what Synervoz does so I was happy to start there.

I enjoy the challenges my job presents, as it helps me to learn and to better grow my skills in the fast changing programming world.