Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Job Bank... When I first came to Toronto, I spent countless hours on these websites making job applications.

I wanted to work in tech as there are such cool career options and such interesting things you can make. It was my goal to become an expert developer and take responsibilities in great projects. Toronto sounded like a good city for tech jobs and I already had close friends living there, so I moved from Turkey to Canada.

To start off, I looked for a job as a Junior Developer in Web or Android Development. It was going to be my first real job in the field of software, something that was made more difficult by the fact I had no Canadian work experience. For a newcomer and a junior, the work market is extremely competitive. I had been taking online courses/certificates and working on tech projects of my own to enrich my portfolio to prepare for interviews.

It turned out that finding the job itself was another profession, one where you needed to know where and how to apply, how to prepare for interviews, how to introduce yourself, how to follow up professionally after an application…

When I met Hatchways, I had a resume and had solved some interview questions to help me prepare. However, a fresh pair of eyes to check for professionalism and preparedness is always helpful. At this point, Hatchways became a mentor for me. We improved my resume, shined up my portfolio and practiced technical interviews together. They got me many interviews with great companies and helped me to prepare for each in person.

In a short period of time, I had landed a co-op position in a great start-up in downtown Toronto. I am now working as an Android Developer with an excellent team, and am on my way to becoming an expert developer.

Hatchways made the difference I needed in my job search. I really appreciate their support and thank them very much. I mention their name with satisfaction to all my friends who are also looking for job opportunities in software.