After Triplebyte's recent acquisition by Karat, companies have started looking for replacements for the Triplebyte tech screening tool. This free tool used a multiple-choice quiz and coding questions to let companies quickly evaluate candidates' practical skills, such as full-stack development knowledge, rather than focusing on LeetCode-style problems.

Now that Triplebyte has merged with Karat’s offering, we've put together a list of tools that could serve as alternatives to the Triplebyte quiz.

Chart on alternatives to triplebyte

Triplebyte Alternative: Hatchways

Hatchways is the most customizable practical assessment platform available. In this context, customizable means the ability to tailor assessments according to your specific requirements, ensuring that they accurately reflect the skills needed for the job. With Hatchways, you can create a "GitHub-based" assessment, inviting candidates to a repository and asking them to complete practical tasks. These tasks can include creating a pull request with a feature or conducting a code review.

Hatchways can assess skills similar to Triplebyte, like full-stack development and mobile engineering. However, the approach is different; instead of taking a quiz, candidates work on a repository. Hatchways lets you create short tasks, like code reviews. This makes the assessments that Hatchways offer more practical, which means they represent tasks and skills that closely resemble those encountered in real-world work environments.

The main advantage of Hatchways is its customizability. Built on top of GitHub, it allows companies to create assessments for almost any technical skill. Additionally, the assessments closely resemble real-world settings, providing accurate results compared to other tools.

The primary downside of Hatchways is its cost. While a free tier is available, it requires setup time and manual assessment grading. Hatchways does offer a paid solution to help set up and grade assessments.

Triplebyte Alternative: CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a comprehensive technical assessment platform that helps companies evaluate software developers, with its foundation built around the CodeSignal IDE.

When compared to Triplebyte, CodeSignal places more emphasis on assessing candidates through coding challenges, primarily focusing on LeetCode-style problems. The platform offers an extensive library of questions, but they aren't customizable to fit specific needs. Despite this, CodeSignal provides a range of features, including live interviews, technical screens, and take-home assessments.

The user interface of CodeSignal is excellent, making it easy to set up and create assessments. Although practical assessments are possible with CodeSignal, they come with a considerable setup time. Additionally, candidates must work on problems within the IDE, which can be limiting and create a strictly monitored atmosphere. This environment can make candidates feel uncomfortable using the online IDE and potentially impact their performance due to the feeling of being watched.

Triplebyte Alternative: HackerRank

HackerRank offers features similar to CodeSignal, serving as a comprehensive platform for live interviews, practical take-home assessments, technical screens, and more. The primary focus is on LeetCode-style assessments, making it very different from Triplebyte. While HackerRank can use multiple-choice questions or create practical assessments, doing so requires extensive customization.

Additionally, the interface and assessment creation experience are inferior to CodeSignal. Some companies even need dedicated "HackerRank engineers" to navigate the platform. Lastly, HackerRank is more affordable than CodeSignal.

Triplebyte Alternative: Karat

Karat is a technical interviewing platform that specializes in conducting and evaluating live, structured interviews for software engineering roles. With Karat, you can replace your Triplebyte quiz with an outsourced live interview with a Karat engineer.

Karat is the most expensive option on this list, costing around $400 per interview. However, for companies conducting live interviews later in the process, Karat can provide a more aligned signal. Karat works closely with your engineering team to ensure their recommendations align with your team's expectations.

The assessments are costly and hard to customize, focusing on live interviews rather than practical assessments that mimic real-world situations.

Triplebyte Alternative: Woven

Woven can replace your Triplebyte quiz with a practical asynchronous interview that tests various technical skills, such as code review, system design, and debugging.

Like Triplebyte, Woven can assess various practical skills. Human reviewers assess the results, offering accurate candidate evaluations. This feature makes Woven similar to Hatchways' fully-managed product. However, the key difference lies in the customizability and upfront cost. Woven has a library of scenarios with limited customization options, while Hatchways allows full customization to ensure assessments align with the role you're hiring for.

Additionally, Woven employs a distinct business model, requiring payment per successful hire. This approach enables you to screen an unlimited number of candidates but demands a higher upfront cost compared to Triplebyte and other competitors on this list, except for Karat.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the acquisition of Triplebyte by Karat has led to companies seeking alternatives for their technical screening needs. While Triplebyte's quiz-based approach was popular, there are several viable alternatives available. Hatchways, CodeSignal, HackerRank, Karat, and Woven each offer unique features and focus on different aspects of technical assessments.

When choosing the right platform for your company, consider factors such as customizability, assessment type, user experience, cost, and alignment with your hiring process. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can find the ideal technical screening solution that best fits your organization's needs and helps you hire the most qualified candidates for your team.