I worked for over two years as a General Practitioner in my home country of Ethiopia. To better pursue my medical career, I then moved to Canada. I have been trying to get my Canadian medical license, a process including joining the residency program, something that is highly competitive for foreign trained medical doctors like myself. In the meanwhile, I worked with several clinical research projects to help improve health care.

It has long been my interest to combine technology with medicine. I’ve had ideas that I needed to develop that could impact modern medicine greatly. Technology in the medical field can be used for the treatment of many illnesses and can build new medical devices or improve existing ones. Combining technology with my knowledge of the medical field would also greatly improve my career opportunities.

This is the job I wanted to have in the future.

I decided to first learn the basics of technology. It looked like an ocean of knowledge at first. This is when I heard about Hatchways and decided to attend their introduction session. It was a good place to start.

Hatchways has provided me with the tools to learn basic computer languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have worked on several projects to help give my knowledge some ground and to get practical experience. Hatchway’s mock interviews (both technical and behavioural) have also helped prepare me for the job market.

After a few months with Hatchways, I got my first job working with a tech company that provides optimal care delivery through using a well-developed platform. It allows me to utilize both my medical knowledge and technical abilities, and to gain experience in combining the two. I plan to rotate and learn from different departments in the company like quality assurance, web development, and marketing/sales.

Working with technology and medicine is exactly what I wanted, and I aim to continue to develop my skills in both in the future.