Employer Partnership Program

  • Training grant, training customized to employer’s specific needs.
  • New Jersey only.
  • Grants awarded competitively.
  • Eligible Employers: Individual businesses in New Jersey, business organizations, community organizations, labour organizations.

Federal Bonding Program

  • Employers hiring at-risk employees receive an insurance bond.
  • Bonds can be applied to any job in any state, for full-time and part-time work.
  • Bonds have a $5000 limit, given as an incentive to hire at-risk employees, protects business against any damage or loss the employee may cause, acts as a guarantee the employee will be an honest worker.

Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT)

  • Helps businesses in Tennessee train and retain workers.
  • Grant provides funds for training.
  • Competitive grant.
  • Eligible Employers: Must operate in Tennessee, for-profit businesses, at least one year in operation, must have at least five full-time employees, must be financially viable (not experiencing bankruptcy).

New Employment Tax Incentive

  • Deduction or modification of 40% of employee’s first year wages up to $2400 per employee.
  • Available to businesses hiring Rhode Island residents who have been unemployed.
  • Incentive only given after employees have been employed for at least 52 consecutive weeks.

Primary Workforce Training Grant

  • Encourages creation of jobs in Montana businesses with 50% or more of sales outside of Montana.
  • May be given up to $5000 per full-time job created, $2500 per part-time job.
  • Training funds provided after jobs have been created and qualifying wages have been met.

V3 Employment Grant

  • Grants for Virginia employers hiring veterans.
  • $1000 per veteran hired, up to $10,000 per company.
  • Veterans must be employed within five years of discharge, given full-time work, hired and retained for at least one year.
  • Eligible Employers: Must be certified with V3, have fewer than 300 employees, must be a business (not a public agency).

Vermont Business Grants

  • Up to 50% of training costs for pre-employment/new hires/incumbent employee training in Vermont.
  • Open to all sectors of economy.
  • Employees must be given full-time work in Vermont, employee wage must equal or exceed Vermont livable wage amount.
  • Employees must be offered at least three of the following employee benefits: Health insurance, dental assistance, paid vacations, paid holidays, childcare, retirement benefits, paid sick days.


  • Provides funding for Pennsylvania businesses to train employees.
  • Businesses determine their own training needs, and can select a third party trainer.
  • Employees must be residents of Pennsylvania and must be offered full-time jobs.
  • Employers who are Ineligible: Point-of-sale retail businesses, gaming establishments, training vendors, employment agencies, government agencies, government-owned facilities, travel, hospitality and tourism businesses, training vendors, education and nonprofits, and employers with an employee turnover rate greater than 25%.

Workers with Disabilities Tax Credit (WDTC)

  • Tax credits for organizations/for-profit businesses that hire workers with disabilities in New York State.
  • $5,000 for full-time employment based on 15% of employee’s wages over a six month period, and $2,500 for part-time employment based on employee’s wages over a six month period.
  • Eligible Employers: Must be located in New York State, be in good standing, be approved by the New York State Department of Labor.

Work Immersion Training Grants

  • Available to Rhode Island businesses that provide a temporary paid work experience to Rhode island students and unemployed adults.
  • Up to 50% wage reimbursements.
  • Employer Eligibility: employer must be a registered supplier with the State Division of Purposes.
COVID-19 Grants

Employee Retention Credit

  • Refundable tax credit against certain employment taxes equal to 50% of the wages an employer pays their employees after March 12, 2020 and before January 1, 2021.
  • Employers can access credit immediately by reducing employment tax deposits.
  • Each employee’s wages up to $10,000 can be counted to determine the 50% credit.
  • Eligible Employers: Must operate a trade/business during the 2020 calendar year, and are experiencing either a) full or partial suspension of operation from government limitations due to COVID-19 or b) a significant decline in gross receipts.