We met Furnishr through the DMZ incubator. Furnishr is a unique interior design platform that makes furnishing spaces easy and affordable. The two founders of the small startup have experience in hiring interns in the past.

Mike, the CEO of Furnishr, had this to say about his experience working with Hatchways:

“I chose Hatchways because of how much time it saved. The interview process can be time consuming. There’s screening resumes and arranging interviews - it adds up and takes away from the day to day of running your company. It’s cumbersome. Especially using the more traditional job forms and websites like indeed.com.”

With Hatchways, we do all of that for you. We screen potential candidates, we arrange interviews, and we can set it up so it takes only a few short hours of a single day.

"The Hatchways process is seamless and easy to work with. It saved a lot of time and allowed us to focus on the day to day without burning out through a lengthy recruitment process."

Mike praised the ease of recruitment, claiming there had been problems in the past, but Hatchways dealt with all of that.

"The payroll process is easier. There’s only one payment."

Furnishr did its first Interview Cycle with us in July 2018, hiring for a front-end web developer. In September 2018 they were looking to hire again, this time for a customer success manager.

Let's look at how long the interviews took.

Furnishr’s First Interview Cycle - July 2018

  • Screening resumes: 0 minutes
  • Four candidates interviewed
  • 45 minutes per interview
  • 1 successful hire
  • Total Time: 4 hours

Furnishr’s Second Interview Cycle - September 2018

  • Screening resumes: 0 minutes
  • Three candidates interviewed
  • 30 minutes per interview
  • 1 successful hire
  • Total Time: 1.5 hours

"I was fairly impressed with those I interviewed. I’m confident Hatchways will do its due-diligence and bring people who will be a good fit."

What did he think about his new employees?

“They hit the ground running. It was a seamless integration. They always ask the right questions and are great at taking things on. I often travel for my work, and I know the day to day running of the company is being taken care of while I’m away. I don’t have to worry.”

Mike plans to continue working with Hatchways in the future.

"It was a great experience."