Collage is a people management system that combines HR, payroll and benefits into one simple tool for modern businesses. We worked with them earlier this year to fill two software developer positions for their startup.

Here’s what a recruiter for Collage had to say about the experience when they used the Hatchways platform in November 2018:

“Hatchways makes an embedded connection. It plants a seed and does the initial reach out for you. As a full-time recruiter, I have to do this every day. Hatchways provided a new funnel of candidates that I didn’t find on my own. I haven’t had to engage a large agency yet, which is something I’m keen to avoid as there tends to be large agency fees, but Hatchways is very competitive with their pricing.”

A study from CEB shows the average time to fill a job is rising across all industries in the US, standing at 26 days in 2016. Of industries sporting particularly long vacancies, Information Technology averaged at 32 days. The job market has been tightening, leading to more job openings than people to fill them, and the mass of potential hires clamouring for positions can be deeply overwhelming.

It shouldn’t be this way. Hatchways is committed to making the recruiting process as quick and painless as possible.

“The Hatchways process is clear, concise and well laid out. They set proper timelines and deadlines for both myself and the candidates. I didn’t have to wait for pre-screening interviews to occur, the candidates were already pre-vetted. Hatchways put together a brief statement for each candidate, a snapshot of their profiles and where they ranked on the Hatchways tier system. It was so easy to assess.”

This is something we have striven to achieve. Our goal is to make the recruitment process more enticing, to make it more than a resume. Anyone can complete an assessment with us, but it’s only the ones suitable to your needs you’ll meet with. We figure out who’s ready for work so you don’t have to.

“I’m constantly sourcing new software developer profiles, and there are so many candidates to filter through. With Hatchways, the process was much easier. Building the pipeline was so valuable, and they provided me with a new channel to review candidates.”

Collage was looking for two software developers.

Here’s how it went.

  • Zero resume screening: 0 minutes
  • Six candidates interviewed: 4.5 hours
  • Four candidates progressed to second round: 2 hours
  • Two candidates progressed to third round: 2 hours
  • Two successful hires
  • Total time: 8.5 hours

“The quality of the candidates was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, but they were all extremely strong. I did six interviews and was very pleased with all of them. I may have eventually found them on my own, but Hatchways had them ready, prepped and vetted. They also vouched for my company on my behalf. The candidates were already hooked so all I had to do was tell them what we had to offer.”

Many companies fall into the trap of wanting a flawless resume, certain that out of all the often hundreds of applicants, there will be one perfect, ideal candidate. It often leads to unrealistic expectations and applications sitting untouched and unread for days. More delays can occur due to disconnect between hiring managers and recruiters, and an uncertain idea of what the ideal candidate for the role should be.

All of this only adds to the length of the recruiting process and makes it far more complicated than it could be.

With Hatchways it only took Collage 8.5 hours to fill their positions and to make two successful hires.

“They’re great. They fit in well with the company culture and everyone has welcomed them with open arms. Both are recent graduates and everyone is happy to support them.”

Part of what Hatchways does is to allow candidates to state their preferences and prioritize what they’re looking for in a workplace environment. In this case, both candidates prioritized mentorship. Working with Collage provides this, as it allows them to work with many different people across teams and to grow their skills. This process also leads to a better chance of candidates finding and pursuing fulfilling work when they can prioritize what is most important to them.

“I’ve started referring Hatchways to other people in my network because the process was so successful from the get-go. There were no missteps by any means, and I felt so confident throughout the interview stages. Hatchways has been so helpful, and especially being new to the company, it has given me an extra boost of encouragement. I’m definitely going to keep referring Hatchways.”

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