Working with Hatchways changed my life.

Before joining Hatchways, I was having difficulty finding happiness in any career. It led to resentment in my life and ultimately to homelessness and poverty.

When I first started the program I was withdrawn and incompatible with society and employment. Hatchways taught me so much more than just computer skills; they helped rebuild me as a person.

I was apprehensive about working any job, but they helped to put me back together emotionally as well. We worked on interview skills and focused on areas of my life that could help me gain confidence.

I participated in a hackathon and worked on other exercises that combined my newly found tech skills with social integration.

After participating in Hatchways, I had more initiative and was able to find a great job. I am currently working as a bookkeeper and am moving towards completing my degree in finance.

Hatchways continued to follow up with my well-being, and I still speak to them every so often. I feel that they truly care about me and that we’ve created a life-long mentorship.

My recently gained skills in JavaScript will help make myself more marketable to employers. In addition, I will continue to improve myself spiritually and emotionally, and am less likely to revert back to my life of resentment. I can better manage my anger.

I feel grateful to have participated in the Hatchways program, and will always think fondly of my time working with them.